Divorce isn’t easy by any means for anyone involved. Like many big life changes, a divorce ripples through many relationships and affects your friends and family, too. Understanding how to handle the uncomfortable situations that may arise because of the ripple effect is important. Here are four situations that might happen to you after you choose to divorce in California and a couple of ways to handle them.

Your friends have trouble coming up with a first response and shy away from you because of it. It’s completely normal for a friend or family member to be shocked that something this big is happening to someone close to them. It can be difficult to get all the thoughts straight, and sometimes this struggle can result in the inability to speak. Encourage your friends and family to continue talking to you by explaining how you feel about the situation, and telling them that you need their support during this difficult time.

You suddenly have money issues and are unable to go out like you used to. Don’t let money be the reason you aren’t spending time with those who love you. Because of recent changes in the economy, there are many ways to enjoy time out with friends and family without spending a ton of money. This includes going to a local beach, having a girls’ night in, and enjoying a walk with your best friend around the park.

Your friends feel like they have to “choose sides”. Because you and your ex-spouse have been married for some time, it’s likely you share mutual friends. Sometimes it can be difficult for your friends to “choose” a side. Be sure to tell them that they don’t need to choose a side at all and that they need to be supportive and understanding of both you and your ex. Alternatively, those who are friends mostly with you or your spouse should be told that no grudges will be held if they choose to stick with one of you more than the other.

You’re not sure how to tell everyone that you’re in a new relationship. This can be a difficult subject to breach, especially if you just ended your last relationship. The best policy is to be upfront and honest to ensure everyone is on the same page. Be gentle, sensitive, and understanding if people express that they are unhappy with your decision. Ensure them that you made the best choice for you and you’d appreciate if they could support your happiness.