When the end of your marriage in California is upon you, you aren’t just losing your significant other, unfortunately. You face the possibility of losing your friends and many other important people in your social circles. Of course, everyone wants a mutual friend to remain friendly with both parties, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. It’s natural for someone to pick sides and form opinions about the other side when a couple is divorcing in California.

Regardless of who this friend is, you’re strong enough to make it through. Here are some tips for dealing with friends who decide to take your ex’s side.

Learn to Be Self-Sufficient Again

One of the most difficult parts of getting a divorce is dealing with all of the repercussions of suddenly being one half of a whole again. Oftentimes, you have become reliant on someone else’s help in times of need. Now that you cannot depend on that help, you can use the time you have been given to get more in touch with your emotions, self-sufficiency, and independence. Learn that you are more than just a wife and a mother.

Surround Yourself with Those Who Love You

It’s likely that you had some friends before you got married, or that you have some family that you know you can always lean on in times of need. Everyone craves emotional support during such a hard time, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t seek it out from those who remain close to you. In fact, those people deserve your love as they have chosen to remain loyal to you through thick and thin.

Salvage Relationships for Your Children

If your children are close to someone that has decided to turn their back on you during this time of need, now is a good time to reach out to that person and attempt to salvage the relationship as best as you can. If you need to, you can always consult a professional counselor to help you reconcile with these people and find the right words and to make positive, future-oriented plans.