If you think that a military divorce is exactly like a civilian divorce, you’ve got another think coming. In addition to the regular rules and regulations of a divorce, a military divorce has to follow a number of federal laws as well. So not only do you have to go through the same basic divorce process, you have yet more paperwork and problems to deal with if you’re in the military.

Some of these rules are very complicated and drawn-out. There are several rules that have to do with retirement pay that you will need to address when you get a military divorce. Some of these rules take a significant amount of time to work out, meaning that you may be in the process of a divorce for many more months than you’d originally anticipated.

Of course, if it’s an option, you may want to consider working it out with your spouse. Maintaining a military lifestyle, for both partners, can be difficult. The divorce rate among couples that have one partner in the military are significantly higher than the average 50% in the US. Don’t think you’re alone if you’re facing a divorce and you’re in the military. Much of the time, there are counselors available to you for free that would cost a significant amount of money for those who are not in the military.

But if the divorce has been initiated and you’re sure it’s the right choice, make sure you consult a lawyer that knows quite a lot about military couples. When deciding on a California divorce lawyer, make sure you ask many questions about the experience they have had with military divorces, as many lawyers don’t encounter them often enough to do them properly.