Though ending a same-sex partnership does not have the same lawful weight that a divorce does, it can be just as complicated, heartbreaking, and difficult to deal with as a divorce.

Same-sex partners can’t file for a divorce, but there are still many actions that a lawyer can help you work out that you can take. Any couple, regardless of sex, age, or marriage status, that cohabitates for more than a year can find legal help to make a separation clearer and easier for both parties. There are likely assets involved and sometimes property matters that need to be discussed when a partnership ends.

Some same-sex partnership agreements even have lists of issues that need to be dealt with if a breakup were to happen. Often there are children involved as well, and having a plan for them and yourself is a good place to start when opening up a conversation with a lawyer or law firm. You should know what you’re willing to give up and what you’re willing to negotiate and talk about in court.

If your breakup is particularly prickly, mediation can be a great place to turn for additional guidance. With the help of a licensed mediator, a couple can come up with solutions that please both of them so both sides are pleased with the outcome of their separation. This way, there is no need to “win,” but compromise can lead to satisfactory solutions for both parties.

There are many ways you can move on from a same-sex breakup, and with the aid of a Californian lawyer, you should be able to move on peacefully and respectfully.