If you’re going through a separation in California, it’s likely that you have some worries about what happens next. How is your life going to change? What is it going to be like coming home? Where do you go from here?

Even though getting divorced is an overwhelmingly painful experience, it doesn’t have to mean that you stop living. Your family, finances, and social circles may all change, and it may not all be a positive change in the beginning. Still, there are many beneficial features of getting divorced.

Moving On Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

So the person you have divorced didn’t line up correctly with you, and you didn’t get along with them very well. After your divorce, you no longer have to live with them. If you wish, you never have to speak to them again. Many people get divorced because they are simply incompatible with their now-ex. Sometimes that incompatibility shows itself through long periods of silence, and sometimes it shows itself through loud arguments in the dead of the night. Either way, living with someone who doesn’t “get” you can be a lonely and frustrating experience.

Now that you don’t need to deal with that situation anymore, you have a new opportunity to develop and explore who you really are. Maybe you can take up that new hobby you’ve wanted to try, or you can make new friends at a local bar. No matter what you choose to do, it’s important to realize that every time you face a challenge and overcome it, you have a chance to grow and seek new opportunities.

But What About My Kids?

Getting a divorce in California can be difficult on kids, especially if they are on the younger side. California courts consider a number of factors when considering child custody, including the relationship between the child and the parent, the living accommodations both can offer, the child’s wishes, and the mental and physical health of the parents. Because there are so many factors that go into deciding where a child will go, custody battles can drag out for many months and sometimes longer.

However, once custody is settled and a choice has been made in the best interest of a child, they finally have an opportunity to be a child again. That is something that every child deserves, even if it means they only have one parent the majority of the time. Each parent can forge a stronger, closer relationship with their child instead of one that is littered with hostility between two adults.

In the end, going through a divorce will always be difficult. But it’s also your choice to find the good and focus on that instead of the bad. When you need legal consultation, make sure you find a quality lawyer that has experience with cases like yours.