Adultery is often one of the reasons a marriage breaks down, and when it happens, emotions are running high. This is usually because there are hurt feelings, and adultery is seen as a major violation of trust. While it is true that cheating is unfair and that it is grounds for divorce, it’s often not prosecuted in the state of California because the state does not consider it during divorce proceedings.

This is because California is a “no-fault” state, a cheating spouse cannot be punished simply for cheating. However, there are some situations in which it matters. For example, if a prenuptial was signed and it included a clause about adultery, then it can be considered in court in reference to the prenuptial if proof can be found.

In addition, if gifts for a mistress were bought with community money in secret, or the mistress was given something of value from the estate. Often, these are separate charges completely, even though they do involve adultery and are important to bring up in court.

It never feels good when someone cheats, especially when you find out instead of being told by your spouse. Emails, texts, and photographs are just some of the types of evidence that can be collected to prove your husband or wife is cheating, and all of them sting when they’re shown to you, especially when you thought your relationship was good or improving.

In the end, just remember that if they’re cheating and didn’t tell you, then they are probably not worth your time and you should file for divorce to find someone more worthy of a marriage to you.