Divorce is never an easy process, regardless of the reasons one is happening. However, that doesn’t mean you should ever feel like you’re alone in your struggle. An understanding and experienced California divorce lawyer can work wonders and can be the difference between sinking into a depression and being able to continue on when things get hard. It’s never going to be a great experience, but a good lawyer can make it better and quicker.

However, even when it comes to those who are professionals and have your best interests in mind, there can be problems. Sometimes you feel like your lawyer isn’t really working for you. Sometimes you may feel they are on the other “side”. Sometimes it can even feel like your attorney is unprofessional and could benefit from a few more years of law school.

Luckily for you, you’re not obligated to stay with one person regardless of how far you are into your trial. Switching attorneys can be burdensome, however, so make sure it’s the choice you know you should be making before you make it. It’s very likely your attorney wasn’t cheap, and a lot of the time you lose that entire deposit if you decide you are dissatisfied with his or her services. Sometimes it’s better to try and talk to your lawyer to see if maybe something can be done about how they are treating you; after all, they do want your business.

When talking to your attorney, try not to be judgmental or confrontational. It may be hard because you are going through a lot of difficult feelings at the time, but you still have to handle a problem you have like an adult. Sometimes it’s just a small misunderstanding, and maybe you aren’t familiar with a particular process yourself and they can clear it up for you (and tell you why they did what they did).

Even if your attorney isn’t really meshing with you, try not to fire them before an important appearance unless you are certain your lawyer won’t work for you in court. A major hearing or trial should be done with the lawyer you had the week before. Sometimes, a judge can even refuse to allow you to find new counsel if you are having trouble finding a new lawyer when your hearing date is here. This can often hurt a case more than a bad attorney, so tread carefully.

However, if the relationship is just not right with an attorney, there is no problem on finding a second opinion or a secondary lawyer to help. If you can’t make it work, or you feel like your lawyer does not have your best interests at heart, then fire them.

Once you fire your attorney, you need to find a quality Bakersfield divorce lawyer before your next hearing. Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately so we can start defending you today.