When it becomes clear that your marriage is dissolving it is critical that you find a divorce attorney who can advocate for you and work easily with you through this very tumultuous time. You must find a professional who matches your style and who will thoroughly advise you on the law and alternatives available in your jurisdiction that may guide you and your spouse through mediation or other methods short of a trial. This lawyer should also be up to the task of representing you in court if hearings and other judicial remedies become necessary.

Rely on Friends And Family

If you know people who have experienced some family law issues, talk with them to see if they could recommend their own attorney or another lawyer they saw in action who they think might be a good fit for you. Sometimes you may want to be more circumspect, in which case you might discuss the matter of good representation with another professional such as a counselor or doctor.

Check Out Referral Sources

Old-school walks through the yellow pages can help you narrow down your search, and the entries offer categories that can assist you make a list of possibilities that you can check up on in other ways. Most local and state bar associations have referral avenues and legal publications also have listings of high profile attorneys who have been vetted by their peers, and are regarded as being at the top of their practice areas. You do not necessarily need to go with the most expensive or awarded lawyer, but these are good ways to find law offices that specialize in family law and who may have a range of associates to help you.

After you make a list, begin culling it down to narrow the field by checking review sites to see what other people who have used their services are saying about them.

Determine Your Priorities

With your list of possible attorneys in hand sit down and consider what you hope to gain or secure from the impending divorce. If you and your spouse have been congenial and believe you can come to agreement on most of the issues enumerate what you believe that agreement might be. If instead you fear there will be many points of contention write those areas down and figure out where you currently stand on them. The time you devote to clarifying some of these issues will help you when you talk to one or more lawyers to assess whether they can speak for your goals.

Be Ruthless (With Yourself) About Budget Matters

Before meeting with any attorneys take a long hard look at your finances, jointly held with your spouse and any personal accounts or sources of income you have. Try to make a budget based on what you feel you can spend on the divorce if necessary and what you would prefer to spend on the divorce if things can be handled in a straightforward manner. Realize that every moment worked by the attorney of your choice may cost you money. Knowing that review your priorities next to your budget so you can have a cogent discussion about cost with the short list of possible attorneys.

Meet With The Leading Candidates

Schedule appointments with two or three possibilities. Often lawyers offer no cost or low fixed cost consultations to share what they can offer. Use these consultation to assess which divorce attorney is best for you. Ask about experience and familiarity with both full bore family law hearings and trials and alternative dispute resolution options. If you have unusual requests or non-typical life demands find out if they have handled those situations before.

If you take these steps at this difficult time you are well on your way to finding a family law attorney who can help you put together a strategy that will get you the best result for you and your loved ones.