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What Is The Process To Change My Name After Divorce?

For many women, reclaiming their name is a hugely important part of putting your divorce behind you and moving on to the next phase in your life. The problem, however, […]

How Long Must I Wait In California To Remarry After Divorce?

If you’re thinking about getting a divorce, it naturally follows that at some point, you’re going to want to remarry. The logical question, then, is how long do you have […]

Who Gets The Assets In The Divorce?

Dividing marital assets can be one of the more difficult aspects of a divorce. If there’s not much in the way of property, it can be a fairly simple prospect, […]

Divorce Proceedings: What If My Spouse Is In Another State?

Divorce is almost always a messy procedure. Even if both parties start the process amicably enough, sooner or later, tensions are bound to arise. Things can get even more complicated […]

Is Common Law Marriage Really A Thing?

If you’ve been married to someone for seven years, are you considered Common Law married? Most people reflexively answer “yes” to that question, but the reality is quite a bit […]

What Happens With The Pets In A Divorce?

Pets have historically been overlooked in terms of divorce. They’ve been simply considered to be part of the marital property, much like your TV or your stereo system, with ownership […]

How Does California’s No-Fault State Law Affect My Divorce?

The state of California was one of the first states in the US to pass no-fault divorce laws. For the sake of comparison, New York only became a no-fault divorce […]

What If My Spouse Won’t Leave?

This is one of the trickier situations in a divorce. Obviously, you’re not getting along well with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, thus the desire to get a divorce in the first […]

Is Annulment An Option?

Annulment is an interesting and surprisingly complex issue in the world of divorce. There are a number of common misconceptions surrounding it, and the hope is that this short article […]

How Does A Move Affect My Divorce Order?

In and of itself, there’s nothing about your divorce proceeding that will prevent you from moving away, unless there are children involved. Specifically, if the move you’re planning will take […]

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