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How Substance Abuse Can Affect Child Custody In A Divorce

The first thing to understand about divorce, especially in cases where one party in the divorce is a substance abuser, is that not all states allow for “At-Fault” divorces. Even […]

The Ashley Madison Hack – How Much Trouble Are You In?

Being in an unhappy marriage is no picnic. It prompts some to find solace online, via sites like Ashley Madison, where you can communicate and then discreetly meet with people […]

The Top Ten Little Things That People Fight Over When They Divorce

The big issues couples face, child custody, parenting time, support, the house, can sometimes be dealt with more reasonably than little things that may seem quite frivolous, especially to outsiders. […]

How To Find The Right Divorce Lawyer For You

  When it becomes clear that your marriage is dissolving it is critical that you find a divorce attorney who can advocate for you and work easily with you through […]

Social Media And Divorce: The Ten Basic Rules

The explosion of social media has created several potential issues for individuals contemplating a divorce or in the process of completing a dissolution of marriage. Even if the process is […]

Divorce After a Very Short Marriage

A divorce is a challenging event whether after a long term or short term marriage. Legally the effect on the relationship is the same, but there can be ways the […]

How Do You Contest an Unwanted Divorce?

In the United States all jurisdictions have some variation of no fault divorce as the law of the land. This makes it difficult if not impossible to avoid a divorce […]

Five Tips for Resolving Who Gets the Small but Important Possessions

Determining how to divide the cash, investments and real estate during a divorce is fairly straightforward compared to the challenge of sorting through personal possessions. So much emotion can be […]

Divorce When One of You is Terminally Ill

One or the other spouse facing a terminal illness can add a number of issues and complications to a divorce action. Regardless of the ages of the respective spouses, this […]

Divorce – Implications If One Partner Is Recently Naturalized

Divorce is a stressful life event whenever it happens and no matter what precipitated the break up. When one of the partners of a marriage that is contemplating or completing […]

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