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How to Deal with Divorce When You’re in the Military

If you think that a military divorce is exactly like a civilian divorce, you’ve got another think coming. In addition to the regular rules and regulations of a divorce, a […]

Planning on Getting Married Again?

After you’ve chosen to get divorced, you should be fully aware of the consequences if you’re planning on getting married again someday. Dating and seeing men and women after divorce […]

Your Spouse Wants a Divorce Because You Had an Affair. Now What?

Sometimes when one party cheats in a relationship, at least part of the relationship can be repaired by simply apologizing, admitting what happened was wrong, and attending counseling. However, sometimes […]

How to Present Your Custody Case Properly to a Judge

So you want custody of your children when you enter a court in California? The strategy you should probably use is counterintuitive. Let’s say you have a little boy named […]

Parenting after Divorcing

Sometimes divorces in California lead to child custody disputes, and things can get downright ugly. There are tons of things to remember about parenting during these battles and after they’re […]

Three Myths about Dating After Divorcing in California

Dating after a divorce is far from impossible, and it can actually be a wonderful step forward into a new chapter of your life. It’s not always easy bouncing back […]

What to Do When Your Friends Choose Sides During Your Divorce

When the end of your marriage in California is upon you, you aren’t just losing your significant other, unfortunately. You face the possibility of losing your friends and many other […]

Young Male Children and Divorce: The Facts

When you’re going through a separation, many children have problems adjusting to the new circumstances of their lives. Boys in particular react differently to the life changes before and after […]

Helping Yourself Through Uncomfortable Situations During a Divorce

Divorce isn’t easy by any means for anyone involved. Like many big life changes, a divorce ripples through many relationships and affects your friends and family, too. Understanding how to […]

How a Divorce in California Affects Your Friends

A divorce is probably incredibly hard for you, but it’s probably equally hard for your friends to deal with once they learn you are getting a divorce. Like any major […]

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