We Take Pride in Being a Quality Bakersfield Family Law Firm

Whether you have children involved in your divorce or separation or not, the need for empathetic, caring representation is still important. You need a family law attorney in Bakersfield if you’re going to be fighting in court, especially if there’s a custody battle or involves a dispute over property. Having someone who makes it easy for you to understand the process in and outside of the court makes all the difference, and can help the transition from being a couple to being a single person much faster and less painful so you can start healing.

Family law is what we specialize in here at the law office of Robert F. Carbone. Whether you’re getting divorced, have a dispute over adoption or parental rights, or need to pursue or mandate child support, we can help ensure you walk away in a better state than you walked in. We can even help with more delicate matters that might require a family law attorney, such as restraining orders, custody enforcement, and guardianship. No matter how easy or complicated the matter is, we will apply our expertise and understanding and make the best out of any situation.

Just like the courts, we will try to bring justice to your case, whether it means bringing in a parenting evaluator or extra counsel to ensure you get the representation you need. Don’t face court on your own, or with a lawyer that won’t properly represent your needs – make sure you choose wisely, and the law office of Robert F. Carbone is ready to fight for you. When you choose our family law firm, you’ll know you made the right choice when we expertly represent you in court with professionalism and passion.

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