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Why The Devil Is In The Divorce Details

There are many types of divorces, from the mutually agreed quick and simple, to the long and drawn out affairs that sometimes make the entertainment sections of the news. The […]

Divorce – Stop Fighting And Start Talking

When you begin a serious discussion about divorce, it should ideally be thought of as the last option. There are many reasons to take this position, but perhaps the most […]

4 Tips To Help Deal With A Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is one of the more difficult and potentially expensive events a person can go through. There is a reason that only one “person” is mentioned here. Whatever […]

Why Making A Will Is Important For Your Family

A will is a legally binding document that specifies who will inherit a person’s assets when they die. For parents, making a will is arguably the single most important thing […]

What You Need To Know About Prenuptual Agreements

Prenuptial agreement; some cringe just upon hearing the words, but a prenuptial agreement is no longer considered taboo in today’s society. Centuries ago,a prenuptial agreement was considered a document that […]

Home Schooling – Your Legal Rights

Whatever your reasons for wanting to home school your children, rest assured that every state in the United States and all the provinces of Canada permit a parent to chose […]

Children Divorcing? Your Rights Over Your Grandchildren

The divorce rate in America is running at around fifty percent these days. With so many marriages failing, it’s not surprising grandparents have become concerned about the welfare of their […]

A Relative with Dementia? Some Legal Aspects You Should Consider

The baby boomer generation is getting on in years now; children born in the latter part of the boom are now in their fifties. As this generation ages, concerns about […]

Is Adoption Right for Your Family?

The definition of the word adopt, as it relates to the adoption of a child, means to choose and bring into a certain relationship, as into one’s own family, or […]

Is It Ever Better To Stay Together “For the Sake Of The Children”?

Many couples who are considering divorce may wonder if the divorce is more harmful to their children, especially young ones, than staying together for the duration of their lives, or […]

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