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Family Law – Are There Alternatives To Going To Court?

Honestly, nobody really likes going to court. It’s messy, adversarial, and produces winners and losers. The production of outcomes where there are clear winners and losers isn’t always a bad […]

Would a Private Investigator Benefit Me While I’m Getting Divorced?

Sometimes during a divorce, a private investigator can come in handy. Sometimes a divorce is much more complicated than just separating assets and funds, and there’s actually something that needs […]

Child Support – The Emotional Value Of Letting Your Children Know You Are Still Supporting Them

It’s always tragic when a marriage ends, and even more so when there are children involved. Some kids adapt and adjust very well as their parents move on with their […]

Do You Have Any Say In How The Child Support You Pay Is Spent?

Short answer: No. Longer answer: In any divorce proceeding where children are involved, the first hope is that the parents will work together to craft a plan that is in […]

Collaborative Divorce: Is It For You?

The term “divorce” is itself laden with baggage. It’s an arduous process that painfully tears your life apart, but it doesn’t have to. A new method of divorce – called […]

Can You Keep Dad from Having Visitation?

It’s true: if you’re awarded physical custody, your ex doesn’t need to ever take your child away for a week at a time while you worry if she’s eating the […]

How to Prepare Yourself for Divorce

It’s okay to admit that even thinking about divorce is terrifying. After all, in most cases, your life is going to take a complete 180. Sometimes this is for the […]

The Importance of a Legal Custody and Visitation Agreement

If you know you and your spouse are seriously considering divorce, you’ve probably considered having to share your children as well. This can be especially difficult if you’re like a […]

Are You Ready for the Financial Burden of Divorce?

Not having tons of cash is no reason not to get divorced, especially if you are leaving an abusive marriage. However, financially, a divorce can be incredibly stressful and difficult […]

Do You Have the Right to Fire Your Attorney in California?

Divorce is never an easy process, regardless of the reasons one is happening. However, that doesn’t mean you should ever feel like you’re alone in your struggle. An understanding and […]

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