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A Few Ways to Calculate Child Support in California

In some cases, knowing how much child support you’re going to get in the state of California can be a lifesaver in a divorce, especially if you’re going to be […]

How Important is Evidence in my California Custody Case?

Sometimes a marriage ends because two people simply don’t get along. Sometimes it ends because of harsh, but benign, reasons. Other times, there is a misfortune that occurs, and it […]

Why Sole Custody Decisions Should Not Be Taken Lightly

If you’re going through a California divorce and there are children involved, it’s essential you do not take your decisions lightly. You always want to act in a child’s best […]

The Details of Joint Custody in California

When you’re looking for a custody attorney in Bakersfield, and you’re facing a divorce with a child or several children, figuring out what joint custody means for you should be […]

Dealing with Divorce in an Adult Way

During a divorce, it’s common to hear (or to say) “I never thought this would happen to me.” While it’s a common statement, there aren’t very many good responses to […]

Does Adultery Matter in Divorce Proceedings?

Adultery is often one of the reasons a marriage breaks down, and when it happens, emotions are running high. This is usually because there are hurt feelings, and adultery is […]

How to Fix a Broken Heart after your California Divorce

Finding ways to cope with your loss after a divorce can be difficult. Even if everything is in order financially and practically because you got a good lawyer, your emotions […]

Lessons that Your Children Will Learn from Your California Divorce

It’s natural to be worried about how a divorce will affect your children. We have all heard the expression, “stay together for the kids.” Though it’s completely true that divorce […]

Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

When you have to deal with divorce, people often feel like the most important thing to deal with is the divorce itself. However, choosing the right divorce attorney is also […]

What Happens After You Win Custody

As you probably know, when it comes to children, you’re never really done when it comes to caring for them. Even when custody battles are all said and done, no […]

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